Authors are invited to submit their original research work that has not previously been submitted or published in any other venue. Regular, workshop/special session, and poster papers need to be submitted via EDAS ( Advanced topics are especially encouraged to cover the three pillars of sustainability i.e., economic, environmental, and social responsibilities and implications. This conference will showcase the integration of technology with sustainable practices to promote UN-SDGs.

Papers should be prepared in IEEE CS Proceedings format. IEEE formatting information:

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements. Best Paper Awards will be presented to high quality papers. Selected papers will be recommended to prestigious journal Special Issues.

Research Papers (Long Paper)
Research paper (6-8 pages) should explore novel models, theory, or a specific technology problem and propose a complete solution to it, with experimental results.

Work-in-Progress Papers (Short Paper)
Works-in-Progress (WIP) (4-6 pages) papers are expected to present either work currently in progress or less developed but highly innovative ideas.

Poster papers (2-4 pages)
Some papers originally submitted as full papers can be accepted as short papers or posters during the review process.
In such cases, the authors will need to reduce the paper accordingly when preparing the camera-ready version. At least one of the authors of any accepted paper is requested to register and present the paper at the conference.
This International Conference is seeking papers for the following tracks, closely aligned with the UN-SDGs:

Track 1 Environment & Climate Change
Track Chair - Dr. Marlia Mohd Hanafiah, Head of Centre for Tropical Climate Change System, UKM
  1. Climate Change – Adaptation and Mitigation
  2. Climate and Environmental Modelling
  3. Air and Water Pollution Control Strategies
  4. Sustainable Building Design – Modern Urbanization
  5. Environmentally Efficient Systems and Design
  6. Environmental Engineering
  7. Ecological Issues and their Prevention
  8. Drought and Forest Fires form Climate Change Prospective
  9. Environmental Degradation and Remedy

Track 2 Food Security & Sustainability
Track Chair - Dr. Aitazaz Farooque - University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
  1. Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies
  2. Minimizing Post Harvest Losses
  3. Interventions to Improve Soil and Crop Productivity
  4. Greenhouse and Hydroponics Cultivations
  5. Agriculture Water Management
  6. Irrigation Systems
  7. Best Management Practices for Sustainable Agriculture
  8. Greenhouse Design and Optimization

Track 3 Renewable Energy Sources
Track Chair - Dr. Tharinya Supasa, ASEAN Centre for Energye
  1. Innovative PV Systems
  2. Bioreactors for Energy Application
  3. Harnessing Offshore Winds for Energy Applications
  4. Implications of Renewable Energy
  5. Energy Audit and Design of Sustainable Cities
  6. Design of Efficient Solar and Wind Energy Systems
  7. Challenges to Adopt Technologies

Track 4 Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development
Track Chair - Dr. Yacine Atif - University of Skovde, Sweden
  1. Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Sustainable Development
  2. Sensing and Control Systems to facilitate UN-SDGs
  3. Artificial Intelligence-assisted Drinking Water Management
  4. Drones and their Application for Sustainable Development
  5. Application of Computer Science and IT
  6. Mechatronics and Automation for UN-SDGs

Track 5 Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development
Track Chair - Dr. M. Razi Nalim - Indiana University – Purdue University, USA
  1. Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  2. Waste into Value-added Products
  3. Economic Barriers to Sustainable Development
  4. Social Responsibility and Implications
  5. Capacity Building and Educational Prospective of UN-SDGs
  6. Bio-circular Economy for Sustainability